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The Fishing Charter Inshore Experience borns from an idea of a group of anglers that, driven for the passion of fishing and looking for new adventure and the belief in Catch & Release, they madly fell in love for Sal Island.

Sal or exactly ‘’Ilha do Sal’’, is an island in the Archipelago of Cape Verde located in the west coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a predominantly flat island, with an extension of about 30 km.
Famous all over the world for windsurf and kitesurf for the constant wind, Sal has become one of the main tourists center of the archipelago. The Amilcar Cabral airport is connected with direct flights to the major European capitals and this make the island easily accessible and perfect for any type of holiday, both for those who want to relax with their family and for those in search of fun; on the island there are many facilities for adults and children.
Symbol and center of the local economy is the wood wharf of Santa Maria, a small town with typical Cape Verdean colors and smells. The Folklore and the extremely welcoming and relaxed nature of the local population will accompany you on your ‘’no stress’’ vacation (typical mantra of the island).
In Sal you can admire several nature spectacles: the ‘’blue eye’’ is a 12 m hole among the rocks from which you can admire a shocking show when the sun is overlooking the sea or still the ‘’natural pool of Buracona’’ where the sand that surrounds the sea give way to the rocks of volcanic origin.

The long and white sand beach in the shape of a half moon of Santa Maria is one of the best spot for practice Surf Casting with which you can undermine different varieties of fish such as Bream, Murmur, Bonefish, Blue Runner, Horse-Eye Jack and Corvina. But this does not make Rock Fishing less interesting; the north of the island is characterized by suggestive rocky coast overlooking the sea from which you can do captures with the technique of Spinning, you can search and have fun with the Horse-Eye Jack with breathtaking strikes and powerful escapes or with Dolphinfish also of a good size that with their beautiful jumps can leave the fisherman in open-mouthed.
In addition to the Spinning technique it is possible to practice all year around the Rock Fishing technique making fishing a real adventure both for the nature of the spots and for the hard fighting during the session. In our fishing trips it may accidentally happen to catch various types of shark such as Lemon Sharks, Nurse, Tiger and Blacktip even if our fishing is aimed at other species present such as Dolphinfish, Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo. But when this happens because of our experience and deep love for sharks we know how to handle and release them in total safety without causing any harm.

Same techniques and same equipment but completely different scenarios in the other island of the Cape Verde archipelago where the “Inshore Experience” fishing center offers other fishing trips….. we are talking about São Nicolau. It is an island located in the northern part of the archipelago, in the past it has had intense volcanic activity. It is easily accessible from both airports of Sal and Praia that is the capital of Cape Verde located on the southern shore of the island of Santiago. São Nicolau is one of the few places in Cape Verde where the original vegetation has been preserved. Some of the highest parts of the site are wooded, especially around Monte Gordo, the highest mountain on the island, where two rocky massifs meet. Compared to Sal, São Nicolau is much less touristy but equally fishy, you can almost talk about pristine fishing. Regarding the Spinning from the rock the fishing day is characterized by numerous topwater attacks by large Horse-Eye Jack that patrol the cliffs along with numerous shoals of Barracuda (Sphyraena Viridensis) of considerable dimensions that are an interesting and amusing alternative.
Magnificent sunsets, endless beaches, unique and unrepeatable natural spectacles will be the setting for an unforgettable fishing experience that will become an indelible memory.
The staff of Inshore Experience is at your service to organize the fishing trips that best suits to your needs, providing all the necessary and first quality equipment for your best fishing holiday.