Who we are

Meet the team

Our fishing team is a group of skilled and dedicated anglers who strive to make every fishing trip an unforgettable experience. Join us on our next adventure!

Michel Ampa

Probably the most experienced land based fishing guide in Sal Island. Exceptional knowledge of shore techniques, fish species and the Cape Verde Archipelago

Orlando Dominici

Expert fisherman with decades of experience in land based fishing techniques on Sal Island. He is constantly looking for innovative equipment and new techniques to keep Inshore Experience at the forefront. He is a certified IGFA Captain and Guide for Africa Region

Azediano Martinho Fernandes

Almost everything he knows came from Michel. It’s his strength and enthusiasm that make him the perfect ally for fishing in Sal Island and returning home with a fantastic memory. He has been a land based techniques guide for over 20 years on Sal Island.

Riccardo Battisti

Passionate fisherman who fell in love with the Island of Sal. The exuberance and engagement of his personality make him a good problem solver in any situation. You will have your trump card in him.

Aidson Jorge Ribeiro Fernandes

He is a true Cape Verdean, a connoisseur of the island in all its facets. A good fisherman with strong interpersonal skills, he makes an ideal fishing partner.