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Sal Island

Sal or exactly ‘’Ilha do Sal’’, is an island in the Archipelago of Cape Verde located in the west coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a predominantly flat island, with an extension of about 30 km. The long and white sand beach in the shape of a half moon of Santa Maria is one of the best spot for practice Surf Casting with which you can undermine different varieties of fish such as Bream, Murmur, Bonefish, Blue Runner, Horse-Eye Jack and Corvina. But this does not make Rock Fishing less interesting; the north of the island is characterized by suggestive rocky coast overlooking the sea from which you can do captures with the technique of Spinning, you can search and have fun with the Horse-Eye Jack with breathtaking strikes and powerful escapes or with Dolphinfish. It is possible to practice all year around the Rock Fishing technique making fishing a real adventure both for the nature of the spots and for the hard fighting during the session. In our fishing trips it may accidentally happen to catch various types of shark such as Lemon Sharks, Nurse, Tiger and Blacktip.